2019 Invasion Team Riders

It's important to us to have great people promoting the shop on the hill. We try to take our position with sales reps to connect young, local talent to teams and brands; helping them ride with the best gear and getting their foot in the door.



Townshend, Vermont

BIO: Rory has been working and riding in the Invasion shop for a few years now. He is also riding for one of our biggest lines, Nitro, and is currently featured on a giant poster in our shop window. We look forward to seeing where he goes with his riding career.

BOARD(S) OF CHOICE: Snowboard & Skateboard
RIDES FOR: Nitro, Invasion, Carinthia Parks


Kevin Raksnis

Ledyard, Conneticut

BIO: Kevin came onto the team last year and also rides for Dinosaurs Will Die. He will be cruising through Carinthia all season and will be popping up in their videos, so keep an eye out! 

RIDES FOR: DWD, Invasion, Carinthia Parks


Jake Gaudet

Stratton, Vermont

BIO: The youngest member on the team, Jake is showing incredible talent and promise so far! He enjoys creating boarding videos with his friends and getting in as many days on his skateboard as possible before the snow flies.

IN HIS WORDS: People seem to like me because I am polite and I am rarely late. I like to eat ice cream and I really enjoy a nice pair of slacks. 

BOARD(S) OF CHOICE: Snowboard & Skateboard
NUMBER OF YRS RIDING: Around 10 years
RIDES AT: Mount Snow, Killington, and Okemo